April 23, 2005

Gutiérrez: "I have not abandoned power."

Roughly translated from the article printed in La Hora.

"I continue being the President of Ecuador. I am with a clear conscience that I have done these things with honesty, because the same old politicians, the Ecuadorian oligarchy do not want the Courts to be depoliticized. I am not a thief, on the contrary, I charged the debt to the debtors, the delinquents. [sic] (--ed. unable to translate)." indicated Gutiérrez, via telephone to LA HORA MANABITA.

Gutiérrez admitted that by being isolated he cannot formulate statements to the press; nevertheless, he maintained a dialogue with members of Patriotic Society. "The oligarchy does not want an honest President, a President of the people, to continue in the Presidency", he said and demanded the members of his party be solidly united.

If you can read Spanish, continue reading the rest of the article at La Hora.

Posted by Kyer at April 23, 2005 01:30 PM