May 05, 2005

England may evade justice...for now.

From the Asinine Press

Lynndie England Case Back at Square One
By T.A. BADGER, Associated Press Writer
Thu May 5, 9:33 AM ET

In what military legal experts describe as a "shocker," the judge put the case of former Abu Ghraib prison guard Pfc. Lynndie England back at square one.

Col. James Pohl tossed out the plea agreement that the reservist reached with prosecutors after Pvt. Charles Graner Jr., the reputed ringleader of the abuse, testified Wednesday on her behalf.

Pohl found that Graner's statements contradicted England's previous testimony and declared a mistrial. Pohl's finding sent the case back to Fort Hood's commander, Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz, who will decide what charges, if any, England should face.

England, 22, had pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of conspiracy to maltreat prisoners, four counts of maltreating prisoners and one count of committing an indecent act, many of which were captured in photographs.

In one of the photos, England held a leash looped around the neck of a hooded, naked prisoner. Another showed her next to nude prisoners stacked in a pyramid, while a third depicted England pointing at a prisoner's genitals as a cigarette dangled from her lips.

Under military law, Pohl could formally accept her guilty plea only if he was convinced that she knew at the time that what she was doing was illegal.

Graner told Pohl that pictures he took of England holding the leash were meant to be used as a training aid for other guards. But England had told Pohl when she entered her plea that the pictures were being taken purely for the amusement of the guards.


Allen Rudy, a Dallas attorney, said Wednesday he could not recall a military plea being scrapped under such circumstances during his 25 years as a Navy lawyer and judge.


During defense questioning, Graner said he looped the leash around a prisoner's shoulders as a way to coax him out of a cell, and that it slipped up around his neck. He said he asked England to hold the strap while he took photos [so] that he could show to other guards later to teach them this prisoner-handling technique.

Bull. A TRAINING GUIDE? A so-called "prisoner-handling technique"???

She couldn't be sure if it was LEGAL to stack prisoners one on top of the other in human pyramid naked? The slighest inkling that it made not just be illegal, but morally reprehensible and against everything that the uniform she wears and the country she represents stands for???

Conspiracy-nothing. This is a disgrace.

Posted by Kyer at May 5, 2005 11:23 AM

Silly boy, this is completely appropriate. How do you think we control our children?


Posted by: Eric at May 6, 2005 02:15 AM