May 11, 2005

...because C.A.I.R. cares...

In no way do I promote nor condone the harassment (be it physical or verbal) or discrimination of my fellow Americans, Muslim or not. But there's definitely something funny going on here...fuzzy math or something even more...

I have a bad feeling the Orwellian thought control that's rearing it's ugly head in Australia is not far from our shores.

Internet, Radio Blamed for Discrimination
By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press
Wed May 11, 3:51 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Anti-Muslim Internet traffic and radio broadcasts are fueling an atmosphere of hate and contributing to increased discrimination, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Wednesday.

Hate crimes against Muslims rose 52 percent to 141 last year compared with 2003, and civil rights violations reported to the council jumped 49 percent to 1,522.

"Whenever there is a beheading or act of terrorism overseas that involves Muslims, we see a rise in reported incidents here," said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the council.

The trend is toward "rising Islamophobic rhetoric in American society," said Arsalan Iftikhar, the council's legal director.

The organization has become so concerned about anti-Muslim talk that it has launched an awareness campaign so people can contact advertisers about their concerns and file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.

Some Muslim leaders were surprised by the council's findings, contained in a report entitled "Unequal Protection."

"I thought we were through with the high point after 9/11," said Yaser El-Menshawy, chairman of New Jersey's council of mosques. "My gut feeling is it may be a combination of the war in Iraq and mounting casualties, and that we're getting better at collecting this kind of data."

The report divided alleged abuse into 14 categories, from unreasonable arrest — the highest number of complaints with 385 — to Internet discrimination, with four.

Among the most prevalent complaints: There were 225 alleging religious discrimination such as community opposition to the presence of a mosque; 196 asserting employment discrimination; and 190 reported instances of verbal harassment.

To quote D.J. Funkmeister Patrick, "Wah!"

He says it best, and I quote:

"After data misinterpretation and/or manipulation is factored out, sure, there's bound to be some number of Americans who end up not being able to control their frustration over the various activities of the Religion of Peace™. Two words: head chopping. Two more: civilian murdering. It just doesn't happen in the name of anyone else's God."

Well said, P$.

UPDATE: Eric reminds us to consider the source.

I read a lot of news, and if there were a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in this nation, it damn sure wouldn't be ignored by the mainstream media. And the people of this country would be rising up to protect their Muslim neighbors, just like they did right after 9/11. Speaking of which, do we all remember how the media slobbered over just the possibility of anti-Muslim violence? Like I said, though, this whole bitch session by CAIR is from reports made TO THEM. The Weekly World News is a more reliable source of information than Ibrahim Hooper.

Right on.

Posted by Kyer at May 11, 2005 11:57 PM

I am ashamed.

Reading it in that context I realize that I have slandered the good name of the Weekly World News.

Posted by: Eric at May 12, 2005 12:17 AM

heh Hopefully, though, we won't be called out for indulging in our undhimmified Islamic thoughtcrimes... no wait, our critical thinking... um, hold on... our rational conclusions... uh... our hurtful islamophobia. WAH!

Posted by: patrickafir at May 12, 2005 01:42 PM