December 21, 2004

Definition of the American Spirit

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - With the Battle of the Bulge raging in western Europe during World War II, workers at a Brunswick shipyard were determined to deliver one more ship by year's end. To get the job done, laborers were needed around the clock on Christmas Day. About 1,500 volunteered — and they worked for free.

If only Americans today pulled together for the good of the troops like these patriots did many years ago.

But hey, I spent my $2.50 like everyone else on my large magnetic yellow "Support Our Troops" car ribbon. Don't tell me I don't support the war effort.

(A dull butter knife to slice the sarcasm can be found in the 2nd drawer on the left of the dishwasher.--ed.)

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Posted by Kyer at December 21, 2004 01:50 AM