December 09, 2004

Health Hiatus

The past few months (perhaps, since the summer)--I have been slowly losing the dexterity and strength in my hands. I have also been exhibiting elbow pain and a general "heavy" feeling in my left arm as well as pain in my right hand.

Having seen my physician, the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrom (spelling?) has been raised. The doc also ordered a neck/spine x-ray as well for good measure. Now I just have to get past my stubborness and actually get them taken.

Point being, I have since realized this morning that it is no longer a matter of blogathy (blog apathy) that I have been struggling with post-November 2, rather it has been a fatigue of a different sort. I've found myself dreading simply copying and pasting the table code I often use for my various news topics, let alone commenting on newsworthy items. Laziness, possibly, but I find now it is rather a matter of the aforementioned concern.

So bear with me fellow readers and bloggers alike. I have about a dozen topics (several of them which will be a bit dated, but I will still post nonetheless) in queue. Posts may trickle in as energy and strength (and time!) permits.

Thank you.

Posted by Kyer at December 9, 2004 11:58 AM