October 22, 2004

"Bill Clinton to run U.N.?"

..."'He definitely wants
to do it,' say insiders"

Sweet merciful crap.

"Critics of the U.N. complain that it's an organization without the muscle and will to put its decisions into effect," a U.N. source told UPI. "There's a good chance that Clinton could significantly change that situation,"
Right on! The president who effectively emascualted our military, managed to engage in a "justified" war in Kosovo merely because he was a Democrat, and treated the Bin Ladin threat like a legal issue (or merely a "nuisance", in Kerryspeak)?


scared ya, didn't i? sorry...

UPDATE: Check out Aaron's post on this subject titled "Move the UN from US soil: Clinton Aspires to Succeed Kofi" and scroll down to the section: "Clinton Diddled - UN Fiddled" Good stuff, indeed.

Posted by Kyer at October 22, 2004 01:03 AM