October 20, 2004

Sign #347 that Jimmy Carter has gone completely nucking futs.

Proppage: Alday

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you the question about--this is going to cause some trouble with people--but as an historian now and studying the Revolutionary War as it was fought out in the South in those last years of the War, insurgency against a powerful British force, do you see any parallels between the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?

CARTER: Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War, more than any other war up until recently, has been the most bloody war we've fought. I think another parallel is that in some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war.

Du wha wha? ::head spins::

Dude. Seriously. Lay off the crack.

Posted by Kyer at October 20, 2004 02:16 AM