October 11, 2004

Kerry gets his God on...
...and gives black churches the 411 on their emancipation

Man, I wish I was a skilled Photoshopper...I'd have a field day with this article.

MIAMI: With just three Sundays left before Election Day, Sen. John Kerry is asking for all the help he can get from black voters and the Almighty.

The Democratic presidential nominee attended two church services Sunday, instead of his usual one, worshipping first with Haitian Catholics and then with black Baptists, where the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tied his election to the civil rights struggle.

"We have an unfinished march in this nation," Kerry said at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, as many congregants waved fans handed out by the campaign with his slogan, "Hope is on the way."

Last time I checked, HOPE was found in Christ, who should have been the focal point of your worship that Sunday, not John Forbes Khrist.

Meanwhile...the ACLU, Americans United for Sep. of Church and State and other church-state separation watchdog groups are nowhere to be found....

I mean, c'mon, you don't even have to infiltrate small-town churches and sit through their entire sermons to isolate anything that can even be slightly construed to be "political" or "right-wing."

Plain as day, in print and on-line,

"I see disturbing signs today that some of our churches have been confused by wolves in sheep's' clothing," [Jesse] Jackson said. "How did someone else put their agenda in the front of the line?"
Was that a slip up? "How did SOMEBODY ELSE get in the way of our goal of dumbing down the black masses and keep them perpetually sucking on the proverbial Democratic teat?"
"November 2, the power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton," Jackson said.
Wow. Former slaves are still alive today? So that's why they believe so strongly reparations are still relevant...

Speakers avoided criticizing President Bush by name, since they were in church, but he was indirectly vilified.

Former Rep. Carrie Meek said Kerry is "fighting against liars and demons. ... He challenges the man who walks with a jaunty step." She rocked her hips in an imitation of Bush's swagger as the congregation cheered and Kerry laughed from his high-backed seat behind the pulpit.

Rep. Meek must have been reading from the book of Revelation in the DNC's Doomsday translation.

Satan would be pleased.

UPDATE: (10-13-04) - IRS Asked To Probe Kerry Appearance At Church

Notice the paper's quick change of focus from Kerry's visit to a church to the efforts of the Christian Coalition...

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