September 30, 2004

A confession, an apology, an explanation...
aw heck, a blanket utility post in general.

I have never been a fan of Catholics.

Catholics, Catholicism, the Pope, the Vatican, "Saints" (in the Catholic usage), confession, Hail Marys, a "works-oriented" salvation.

If it's Catholic, I can't stand it.

I have simply grown up with a mighty distrustful perception of Catholicism.

Have 3/5 of all the women I've dated since high school been Catholic? (Yep.)

Did I go to a Catholic high school for the last 3 years of my career? (Yep.)

So go figure.

However, recent developments (ie: my last two posts, and Eric's scathing response) have brought me to a realization:

I need to reconcile the love of Christ that dwells in my heart, with the experiences and intellectual/spiritual differences with Catholicism I hold in my mind.
I have only recently become a Christian (this past December, to be exact) although I have been raised with a Christian principled upbringing by my faithful mother.

My youth (both in biological years, and in terms of my Christian maturity) can at least partly be to blame for un-Christlike commentary of my last two posts (I have deleted them, for obvious reasons, though you can find the object of my shame at Eric's blog. Traffic to his site is but an added component to my apology.)

My sometimes tongue-in-cheek, more often times vicious satirical and sarcastic styles of humor have certainly gotten the best of me over the years. These last two posts are no exception.

I will not delve deeply into my theological differences with Catholics. However, I will partially explain where the motivation for the jabs at the pope originated.

Eric recently commented on his respect for a man ("John Paul II") who survived Nazism, Communism, an assasination attempt and countless other notable instances. I, too, admire Karol Jozef Wojtyla for his perserverance of spirit and integrity. However, I refuse to bestow any higher degree of admiration or respect for Wojtyla other than that which is reserved for a fellow man. The same goes for the woman known as "Mother Teresa," who has been beatified and is en route to becoming a canonized "saint." Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was nothing more than a daughter of Christ, a saint before she was ever declared so by any "papal authority."

These are perhaps, definitive elements of Post-Reformation Christianity.

The Reformation was "in part a rejection of the cultic veneration of saints," as explained by Steven Gertz. They are merely those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, declared righteous by God. The Word of God is infallible, not any man on Earth who proclaims himself to be so.

While I will always have my strong and unshakable theological differences with Catholics, I hereby apologize for my arrogant, insensitive and un-Christlike commentary of late.

My motivation to acknowledge the error of my ways stems from the infallible Word of the Lord.

Proverbs 11:2
"When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom."

Titus 3:2
"[...] slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men."

Job 11:2-3
"Are all these words to go unanswered?
Is this talker to be vindicated?

Will your idle talk reduce men to silence?
Will no one rebuke you when you mock?"

James 2:8
"If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' you are doing right."

UPDATE: I usually seek the permission of the sender (I refuse to subject readers to a blanket "if you email it, it's fair game for posting/ridicule" policy, unless they are a complete idiot and are truly asking for it). However, since Eric and I have since come to an amicable understanding concerning our undeclared pissing match over religious barbeques, I am posting a brief excerpt from an email he sent me that I found to be of great value.

And I quote (emphasis mine):

"[...] when I see a member of my team basically telling me that the denomination I voluntarily chose at the age of 14 (I was raised Methodist) is being headed by Satan, who gives Hitler salutes and shits his pants, well, I felt the need to respond.

Are there problems in the Catholic Church? Of course, and there are people within it trying to stave off the creeping Liberalism that is desperatly trying to sap the strength of all Christianity.

Lutherans are coming out in favor of Islamofascism, Methodists are performing marriage ceremonies for homosexual couples, and Episcopalians (president and CEO, the Queen of England) are ordaining openly homosexual clergy.

I'm tired of my faith, Catholicism in particular, and Christianity as a whole, being ridiculed by Hollywood assholes who funnel millions into "religions" such as Scientology (Travolta, Cruise), and Kabbalah (the inappropriately named Madonna,, while Christians are being oppressed from China to Morrocco.

The real enemy is out there, in Damascus, Tehran, Cairo, Falluja, Beijing, and Pyongyang. You can, however, keep your head while visiting Vatican City.

Focus, my friend, focus."

Focus I will indeed. James 2:8.

Our post-9/11 reality has renewed the meaning of the term, "spiritual warfare." The battle between good and evil has introduced a long-standing foe of whom which many of us have only recently become acquainted with--Islamo-fascism. Religion of peace, indeed. God doesn't command Christians to behead "infidels" (non-believers) in His name. He commands us to love them.

I am as skeptical and wary of man-advocated doctrines as the next guy, be they from John Calvin or the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (Vatican II).

But I do know the one thing we have in common--the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Kyer at September 30, 2004 02:10 AM