September 23, 2004

"House Blocks Court on Pledge Case Rulings"

WASHINGTON - The House passed legislation Thursday that would prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on whether the words "under God" should be stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance.

In a politically and emotionally charged debate, Democrats said majority Republicans in the chamber were debasing the Constitution in order to force a vote that could hurt Democrats in the election.

Supporters insisted that Congress has always had authority to limit federal court jurisdiction, and the legislation is needed to protect an affirmation of religion that is part of the national heritage. (more...)


And as for the Democrats crying the publicity from this bill would hurt them in the election, all I have to say is, "waaaaaaaaaaaah!"

It is issues like these that truly distinguish the Reps from the Dumms, so don't complain because Congressman Akin introduced legislation that reveals your true colors.

I bet every Democrat in the House gritted their teeth as they voted "Yea" for this bill as the remembered citizens like lil' ol' me can look up their vote on the Congressional roll call.


Posted by Kyer at September 23, 2004 03:21 PM