August 27, 2004

The GOP's Flip-Flopper...

"Alan Keyes, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate who once referred to reparations as 'an insult to our slave ancestors,' is now calling for a plan that would exempt the descendants of slaves from income taxes for at least a generation."
Riiiiiiggght... What happened to the Keyes who said this?
"You want to tell me that what they suffered can actually be repaired with money? You're going to do the same thing those slaveholders did, put a money price on something that can't possibly be quantified in that way." (cited from 2 years ago on MSNBC's "Alan Keyes is Making Sense")

The wonderful Michelle Malkin tells Keyes to stop making a mess...

...and then throws her hat in the ring, justifiably, demanding compensation from the Spaniards.

Posted by Kyer at August 27, 2004 02:13 AM