August 09, 2004

The hypocrisy of liberal "humanitarians"...

(Note: emphasis mine)

"When I think about the tragedies of AIDS and abortion, I wonder why so many pro-choice "humanitarians" who want to end the AIDS epidemic are fighting so hard to preserve the legality of abortion. Indeed, I have often heard liberals say that those who are not in favor of international AIDS relief are "racists." This accusation is linked to the indisputable fact that those of African descent are disproportionately infected with the disease.

But what about the fact that abortions are grossly disproportionately performed on African American babies in the United States? What is the real reason why many of those who are fighting against AIDS because of the fact that it gravely threatens the African population, are fighting just as vigorously to preserve abortion despite the fact that it gravely threatens the African American population?

The answer to this obvious contradiction is simple. It is not stupidity or ignorance of the facts. It is basic human selfishness."


This article speaks for itself, ladies and gentlemen.

Long story short: In the mind of these selective humanitarians, black people deserve to the right to Africa...just not here in the States, right? Heck, why don't dont we just annex Madagascar and turn it into Liberia II? They've only been independent from French rule for about 44 years so the smell of freedom is still fresh in their minds, they won't miss it...

Head on down to the Town Hall to read more of Mike Adams' excellent article on the hypocrisy of liberal "humanitarians"...

Posted by Kyer at August 9, 2004 10:38 AM