August 05, 2004

Just so nobody feels left out...

Kerry also pledged to “open the doors of the White House to Native Americans.” And in an unusual pledge, he said he would prod the nation’s news executives to increase the number of jobs for Native Americans in the media.

Not only was the entire article full of Democrapic touchy-feely political sentiments about the plight of American minorities and how Bush, and Bush alone keeps the black man down, but it had that one tiny snippet about Kerry's promise to provide more opportunity for Native Americans in the media.
All 2,475,956 of them.

Say...Now there's a minority group the DNC hasn't reached out to in the past. Talk about a swing voter bloc! Where were they hiding in 2000?


... in small isolated polluted Federal reservations that we've historically crammed them into with limited autonomy.

And I always thought they were just private camp grounds.

Posted by Kyer at August 5, 2004 02:11 PM