June 18, 2005

Lungs of the Earth, eh?

Laer, one of my favorite bloggers at Cheat-Seeking Missiles posts this gem (a few weeks ago, at that): Stop Global Whining 2

...two of the world's top eco-scientists, Patrick Moore and Philip Stott, say the save-the-rainforest movement is wrong: at best, vastly misleading; at worst, a gigantic con.

"All these save-the-forests arguments are based on bad science," says Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the Amazon.

"They are quite simply wrong. We found that the Amazon rainforest is more than 90 percent intact. We flew over it and met all the environmental authorities. We studied satellite pictures of the entire area."

There's a lot of great information in this article that the eco-freaks of the world don't want you to know...debunking junk science at it's best.

Read the rest.

Posted by Kyer at June 18, 2005 11:07 AM