June 20, 2005

There's no "separation of church n' state" in España, amigos...

Catholic Church marches against marriage for gays (link)
Los Angeles Times

MADRID, Spain — Making an unusually forceful foray into Spanish politics, the Roman Catholic Church led an enormous march yesterday to protest new legislation that would legalize marriage for gay couples.

Priests, nuns, adults and children from all over the country converged on Madrid, waving placards declaring, "Marriage equals Man and Woman."

Right-wing politicians also joined the demonstration, which was organized by a coalition of groups called the Forum for the Family. It represented the most coordinated protest to date against the agenda of Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

The marriage measure is one of numerous social policies that have heightened tensions between the Catholic Church and the Zapatero government.

Zapatero plans to relax restrictions on abortion, divorce and stem-cell research. The Catholic Church receives public money in Spain, and Zapatero has proposed reducing the church's budget and extending financial benefits to additional religions.

Here's a real gem:
[...] Some on the left bemoaned what they saw as a potential throwback to the days of the dictator Francisco Franco, who outlawed homosexuality. The conservative church was closely allied with him and was extremely powerful until his death in 1975.
Bush is to Hitler as Pro-heterosexual marriage advocates/Catholics/conservatives are to Franco?

The fascist comparisons used by the American left are creeping over to Europe (or...isn't that where they came from?)

Posted by Kyer at June 20, 2005 12:06 AM