June 29, 2005

"God isn't BLACK"

Unlike Jay at Wizbang! who often comments on funny and serious issues and news stories of interest in his home state of New Cowshire, I rarely do so.

However, this one hits a bit close to my back yard: Racist messages found on church, lawn

Vandals defaced St. Thomas AUMP Church, spray-painting racist and satanic graffiti on an outside wall.

The vandals drew satanic symbols and wrote "God isn't black" in black spray paint on the Glasgow-area church.

New Castle County police were also investigating a possible hate crime that occurred over the weekend on Benjamin Wright Drive in Lea Eara Farms East near Summit, where weed-killer or a similar liquid was used to spell out "KKK" in the lawn of a black family who have lived in the neighborhood for seven years.

New Castle County police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro said it is unlikely the crimes are related. "These two incidents appear completely isolated," he said.

April Munn, a member of the predominantly black, 179-year-old church, said the vandalism was discovered Sunday morning, as parishioners arrived for services.

"People did talk about it," Munn said. "They were upset. They're confused. They just don't know what it's all about."

I'd be curious to know if it was just a buncha hatemongering racist numbskull misguided, poorly educated Klansmen local yokels from the nearby Maryland border area of Rising Sun.

I recommend clicking the story source link at the top to view a picture of the spraypainted message on the church building. I can't imagine what prompted this, I cannot recall the last time something like this happened in my county (unless I completely missed hearing it). Other than hearing rumors of the Klan's presence in the heavily (and I mean, probably 99%) white makeup of Rising Sun, MD, and those KKK parades that used to happen every so many years (again, never seen one, just heard of it) on Main St.---this kind of nonsense doesn't happen 'round here.

...or does it?

Posted by Kyer at June 29, 2005 01:39 PM