July 07, 2005

7/7 - A reaction to the London bombings...

"Tom Paine" of Silent Running stole my thoughts. I took 'em back and posted them here:

I find my reaction to this to be oddly calm. I don't know about you, but I think many of us have been living with the knowledge that there is one big war going on ever since September 11th. More attacks were inevitable. My rage was triggered years ago, and I feel no different watching London writhe under Islamist assault than I did seeing planes being steered into the World Trade Center.

I was already mad as hell. This makes no difference. My only hope is that this may wake up a few more people to the reality of this war.

No images of the aftermath, no detailed diagrams of the bomb locations, no personal accounts from Londoners themselves.

There's nothing to say that hasn't been said already before today.

The same leftist dhimmi naysayers will remain in their BusHitlerChimpJewsdidit mindset and will say our beloved allies the Brits got what they deserved.

Should we expect any less?

There is nothing left to say...

...it's now







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