July 08, 2005


Nice try. Really it was. Is that all that you have left? Since 9/11, I seem to have noticed the sigificance of your efforts falling off drastically, from Bali to Madrid to today. What's the matter, are we a little busy elsewhere?

Yes, you are celebrating while watching the misery broadcast worldwide on the cable news networks, and you pronounce your victory over the infidel on the web.

But the book of History was being written long before your pedophile prophet slunk his way out of his hole in the sand to wreak havoc amongst the civilized world.

I'm no expert in the history of Great Britain, but I do know enough to say that your pathetic attempt today represents no more than a pinprick to the proud history of that nation. The legend of King Arthur was centuries old when Mohammed was but an infant.

It's time to face reality.

The explosives you used, you didn't invent. The internet you use to crow, you didn't invent. The bus and trains you blew up, you didn't invent. The printing presses you shut down in your home countries, you didn't invent.

You didn't build the AK-47s you fire into the air. You didn't build the planes you fly in. You didn't build the cars you ride in. Those jeans you're wearing? You didn't make those either.

Show me the three Islamic countries with the highest number of oil reserves, and I'll show you the three Western oil companies you had to hire to even get it out of the ground. You didn't even invent the tools that brought you your wealth.

You're so pathetic you even kill your own. A sure sign of desperation, such as when Hitler sent dissenting generals to near certain death on the Eastern Front.

You exploit the laws of the free societies, which you also did not invent, in order to kill. Yet, while you slaughter the unsuspecting on their way to work, the armies you shy away from butcher you on your home turf. That's right, while you kill the innocent in the name of Allah, your ummah, and the dream of the global Caliphate, shrink further on the map of the world.

So next time, show us what you really got. Build the planes, tanks, ships, and armies to show us just how badass you really are. Instead of hiding in the dark corners of the world, raise a military and invade the West, on equal terms. You've done it before, now try it again. Take back Andalusia, not by immigrating, do it the old fashioned way. Sail your mighty navy into the Strait of Gibraltar and take back what was rightfully yours. Oh, I'm sorry, you can't. You're incapable. Hell, you didn't even invent the suicide attack.

Keep showing who you are. Keep killing the innocent. You'll still lose.

Tengo tres palabras para los bastardos que hicieron esto:


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O.K. I need to add you to my links...found you at Vince's and came to answer your question about the banner...if you put your mouse over it and click it will link to the person who created it, and a post with the code and how to put it on your blog.

Posted by: Jay at July 8, 2005 02:19 PM