July 25, 2005

Hillary is to moderate as Kyer is to French

Sen. Clinton Reinforces Ties to Moderates (link)
By MIKE GLOVER, Associated Press Writer

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is cementing her ties to moderate voters, reaching out to centrists that some of her backers argue Clinton never really abandoned.

Clinton scheduled a high-profile speech Monday to the Democratic Leadership Council, a centrist group that helped pave Bill Clinton's path to the White House. The hundreds of activists gathered for the group's annual meeting made her appearance its centerpiece.

"She has `it'," said Ray Buckley, vice chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Some people don't; some people do."

Activists gathered for the meeting were talking tough on fighting terrorism, calling for a larger Army and new protections for children through a uniform media rating system.

Typical Democrat gala---talking tough and then having nothing to show for it.
Clinton says she's focused solely on winning another term in the Senate, but her every move is closely watched because polls show she's the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.
Some have suggested Clinton has carefully tacked a course toward the political center as the speculation about 2008 grows.

In January she used an appearance before abortion-rights advocates to call for "common ground" on the issue. [What is "common ground" when you are killing children? --ed.]

In addition, Clinton joined with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to push for health care legislation like a single system for medical billing that all insurers and providers would use to save time and money. [Did anyone else feel a shift in the planetary alignment when this happened? --ed.]

Clinton has also taken a tough stand against violence in video games and on television, and against illegal immigration. She sought out a seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which allowed her to take high-profile trips to Iraq and put a foreign policy arrow in her quiver. [Yea, remember the picture of Hillary and the serviceman who made the hand sign for "hostage"? hehe. --ed.]

"It doesn't surprise me that she's becoming more moderate," said Leroy Comrie, a city councilman in the New York borough of Queens. "I think the country is becoming more and more moderate, more and more conservative."

So...taking a tough stand on violent video games and...taking a field trip to Iraq makes you a viable candidate?

This is bound to get interesting...

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Your title is a hoot. But I think Buckley is right about her "having it." And it makes me shudder.

Posted by: tee bee at July 26, 2005 04:44 PM