August 12, 2005

"The Great Raid" not to be confused as patriotic(?)

New film strikes patriotic note as US fights wars (link)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - "The Great Raid" is an old-style World War Two movie about U.S. Army Rangers rescuing prisoners of war, but its makers caution it should not be seen as "flag-waving" for America's military today.

Pitching a war film at a time when tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan invites comparisons to the patriotic black-and-white war movies of the 1940s that tried to boost morale at home and on the front.

[...] "It's not about flag-waving," he [Joseph Fiennes] said.

Because, you know, today's fighting men and women don't measure up to the heroes of yesteryear. Not being part of the "Greatest Generation" and all.

/sarcasm off

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