August 22, 2005

Hagel to the troops: "You're a bunch of losers."

Spoken like a true RepublDhimmicrat: Hagel Says Iraq War Looking Like Vietnam.

WASHINGTON - A leading Republican senator and prospective presidential candidate said Sunday that the war in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and is looking more like the Vietnam conflict from a generation ago.

Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, who received two Purple Hearts and other military honors for his service in Vietnam, reiterated his position that the United States needs to develop a strategy to leave Iraq.

Hagel scoffed at the idea that U.S. troops could be in Iraq four years from now at levels above 100,000, a contingency for which the Pentagon is preparing.

"We should start figuring out how we get out of there," Hagel said on "This Week" on ABC. "But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East. I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur."

Hagel said "stay the course" is not a policy. "By any standard, when you analyze 2 1/2 years in Iraq ... we're not winning," he said.

When I first read the title of this article on the Yahoo newswire "GOP senator: Iraq war looking like Vietnam" I was like "Hmm..." but then I should have known better than to expect it to have been someone other than Hagel.

What a douchebag.

I'm sure the Dhimmicrats are drooling over this one.

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