August 28, 2005

Welcome to Hotel bin Laden, Mrs. Europe.

Iraq terror mastermind Zarqawi focusing sights on Europe:

Iraq's most wanted militant, Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who as Al-Qaeda's pointman in Iraq has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks, is overseeing preparations for a major attack in Europe.

Citing European intelligence reports, Time magazine said Zarqawi "has been overseeing preparations by highly trained operatives for a large scale terrorist attack in Europe."

Time did not specify the origins of the intelligence reports, but said Zarqawi has spoken of sleeper cells in Turkey and Iran "in communications with another Al-Qaeda leader."

The reports imply that these cells may be in contact with European jihadist groups that previously had no links to Al-Qaeda, Time said.

We will give you a complimentary WAKE-THE-@(#*&-UP call.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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