September 05, 2005

AP Misleading Headline of the Day

Most-Wanted Terrorist Dies in Saudi Clash.

DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia - Saudi security forces battled heavily armed suspected al-Qaida members holed up in a sea-front apartment building Monday, a day after two militants — one of them the kingdom's No. 3 most-wanted terrorist — died in clashes across this eastern city.

Zaid Saad Zaid al-Samari, a 31-year-old Saudi, was killed during fighting Sunday in Dammam, a security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give information to the media. A police officer also was killed Sunday.

Al-Samari was on a list of 36 most-wanted terrorists sought in relation to multiple terror attacks launched in this kingdom since May 2003.

Talk about misleading.

The AP could definitely have said "Most Wanted on Saudi Terror List Killed" or something to that extent.

I checked the news thinking Papa Jihad himself or even Zarcoweeee went down.

Shame on them, getting me all excited and whatnot.

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