September 25, 2005

Jordan, Jews & Jihad

Via Laer:

King Abdullah II of Jordan is staking a bold position against radical jihadist Islam, seeking a reform to moderation for the religion that even includes closer ties with Jews.

WashTimes reports that Abdullah met with American rabbis Wednesday and told them:

"We face a common threat: extremist distortions of religion and the wanton acts of violence that derive therefrom. Such abominations have already divided us from without for far too long."
Abdullah also attacked the jihadists, in effect saying Muslims and Jews are closer than Muslims and the likes of bin Ladin or Zarqawi:
"Muslims from every branch of Islam can now assert without doubt or hesitation., "that a fatwa calling for the killing of innocent civilians -- no matter what nationality or religion, Muslim or Jew, Arab or Israeli -- is a basic violation of the most fundamental principles of Islam."
It's not his first venture down this road (here's a WaPo report on his recent speech at Catholic University), and I hope it's not one of his last. He is taking a very courageous position, one that could easily result in his death -- but it is voices like his that are needed now. To turn Islam around will require multiple Martin Luthers.

We have one in Jordan's King. Where are the others?

Muy interesante, mis amigos.

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