October 05, 2005

Miers the "Insert religious adjective here"

I've been pretty quiet about the Miers nomination. Not much to say really that hasn't been said by everyone else on the right---and left.

So instead of sifting through her impressive laundry list of credentials dating back to when she was a Daisy Girl Scout, I'm gonna check out how the media is even struggling for info.

Everything not mentioned by W himself is coming from this old flame of Miers---who seems to be doubling for her press secretary---Judge Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court.

Let's start with the title of this AP piece: Miers Joins Dallas Church Breakaway Group.

Right there, the words "joins... church BREAKAWAY group" has ambiguous connotations. Yes, the article goes on to describe her worship behavior, if you will:

WASHINGTON - Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is among a group of congregants of a Dallas evangelical church who recently broke away due to differences over church rules and worship styles.

The group of about 200, led by former Valley View Christian Church pastor Ron Key, formed their own church about a month ago and have been meeting on Sundays at a hotel in Dallas.

Miers has worshipped as a Catholic and attended Episcopalian and Presbyterian services, according to Judge Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court, who has dated Miers. She has been a congregant at Valley View for some 25 years and in 1979 was baptized by full immersion, consistent with the church's beliefs.[Who cares?!?!? --ed.]

IMHO, I think the AP is trying to plant a "wtf?" seed with this article in the minds of evangelical W supporters.

"What? She's a Catholic? Oh no! She'll be governed by the Vatican!"

"No wait...an Episcopalian? Aren't those characters part of that church with gay bishops? Presbyterians? Oh! You mean the ones that hate Jews and support Hezbollah?"*

etc. etc. etc.

What is the point of publishing every little detail this Texas S.C. justice has to say about his ex-girlfriend?

Seriously, Strongbad.

*FYI: Those aforementioned Presbyterians are members of the PCUSA, not the OPC, PCA, EP, etc. And no, not all PCUSA churches/members are wacked out as the case may seem in those articles --- there are numerous PCUSA churches that remain true to the reformed faith and Scripture. It just seems their denominational overhead has gone off the deep-end.

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