October 07, 2005

"Yet another act against life,"

Several great quotes from the Vatican's paper, L'Osservatore Romano: Italian Abortion Pill Angers Vatican.

Italy's first experiment with the abortion pill RU-486 is sparking controversy in this overwhelmingly Catholic country, with the Vatican paper condemning the experiment this week as an "act against life."

The denunciation by L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican paper, rekindled accusations of interference in a secular state's domestic affairs. With parliamentary elections due next spring, the Italian Catholic Church has been very aggressive in expressing its opinion on political issues.

"Yet another act against life," L'Osservatore Romano said in its Thursday edition. "Once again science is put at the service of death."

Last month Sant'Anna hospital in Turin, northern Italy, started giving out the abortion pill. On Sept. 21 — after about two weeks and after 26 women took the pill — Health Minister Francesco Storace halted the experiment, citing legal and health reasons.

[...] L'Osservatore Romano said that Turin experiment "makes abortion become an increasingly easy (method of) contraception, the most tragically effective one."

"We have arrived to such an eclipsing of conscience that we see the act of killing the most defenseless of the innocent as an act of freedom," the paper said.

In recent months the Italian Catholic Church has spoken out on issues from assisted fertility to legal right for gay couples. It has dismissed accusations that it interferes with Italy's affairs, maintaining it has a duty to express an opinion on moral issues.

The Vatican's outspokenness has in turn drawn criticism.

"The only real act against life would be the return to clandestine abortion," Daniele Capezzone, whose Radical Party is a longtime Vatican foe, said in response to L'Osservatore.

I get so tired of the "society will revert to the old coat-hanger-in-a-back-alley method" scare-reference.

It's O.K. to be pro-choice.

The choice comes before you turn back the bed sheets. Not when the "inconvenience" or "attack on your body" comes into existence.

Hats off to the Vatican for putting in their due centesimi.

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