October 11, 2005

LGF: The Race to Armageddon

As an addendum to my earlier post, Charles nails ElBaradei and the IAEA for their "hard-earned work" to win the Nobel Appeasement Prize: The Race to Armageddon.

Today we learn that British intelligence has identified more than 360 organizations engaged in a clandestine nuclear arms race, to bring the bomb to Islamic countries: MI5 unmasks covert arms programmes. (Hat tip: NC.)
The determination of countries across the Middle East and Asia to develop nuclear arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction is laid bare by a secret British intelligence document which has been seen by the Guardian.

More than 360 private companies, university departments and government organisations in eight countries, including the Pakistan high commission in London, are identified as having procured goods or technology for use in weapons programmes.

The length of the list, compiled by MI5, suggests that the arms trade supermarket is bigger than has so far been publicly realised. MI5 warns against exports to organisations in Iran, Pakistan, India, Israel, Syria and Egypt and to beware of front companies in the United Arab Emirates, which appears to be a hub for the trade.

The disclosure of the list comes as the Nobel peace prize was yesterday awarded to Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the UN watchdog responsible for combating proliferation. The Nobel committee said they had made the award because of the apparent deadlock in disarmament and the danger that nuclear weapons could spread “both to states and to terrorist groups”.

Good work, ElBaradei.

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