October 15, 2005

AP: "Rice has failed"

Maybe I'm filtering this article through the wrong colored lenses, but the AP used the word "fail" like Condi Rice was expected to be able to do otherwise with the Russians regarding Iran --- I mean, is anybody really surprised the Ruskies are stonewalling us and refusing to take a tough stand against Iran?

What have THEY to gain from suppressing Iranian nuclear development? Rice Fails to Win Russian Support on Iran.

MOSCOW - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice failed Saturday to persuade Russia to offer new support for a hard line on Iran's disputed nuclear program, despite making a hastily arranged trip to the Russian capital. [Hey, at least SOMEBODY is making the effort, unlike our Euro-counterparts. --ed.]

Rice wanted Russian cooperation as the United States and its European allies try either to draw Iran back to diplomatic talks or invoke the threat of punishment from the powerful U.N. Security Council.

Despite lengthy meetings with Russian officials, including a long session alone with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, it was clear Russia had not changed its opposition to using the Security Council.


Invoke the threat of the big bad Security Council! Watch out! They're gonna draft another...resolution!

I think I know what type of spectacles I'm viewing this article through... As bloggers, radioheads and TV cooks casually tout Condi's diplomatic prowess, one of her many strengths as a potential 2008 Prez contender, the MSM has her on its radar, and thus is aiming to undermine any qualities this woman possesses --- early in the game.

(Yikes. That sounded like some paranoid right-wing conspiracy, didn't it?)

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