October 19, 2005

The Saddam Trial: OJriffic or Slobodantastic?

I was just thinking this morning while I was getting ready for work how the Saddam trial was going to be covered. And lo and behold, Eric was right, Fox News has their little logo and theme music for the trial and everything.

Then I started thinking about the film coverage I've seen of the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. Those trials were handled like the serious matters they were. Even Slododan Milosevic's trial wasn't/isn't covered as throughly and appropriately as it should be... I mean, the guy was only guilty of attempted genocide and the rape and torture of countless people.

I'm just waiting for the Jay Lenos and Jon Stewarts to start making mock video clips and other foolish jokes regarding the trial. Ripping into Saddam after seeing the photos of him back when our boys found him hiding like the rat he is was one thing, but mocking the trial is something else.

Having the bubblehead morning show "newscasters" (yes, on Fox too) covering the trial is just a joke.

Aw heck, I'm just gonna let Mad Dog Vinnie take it from here: If Adolf Had Escaped The Bunker...

I ruminated over at the Jawa Report, jokingly, as to what the extent of the MSM coverage of the Saddam trial would be like. Would it be as extensive as Scott Peterson, or even Martha Stewart?

Well, Fox News already has a special graphic, and theme music set up, and I hear Greta just made an appointment with the nose doctor.

The Associatedantiamerican Press, to their credit, seems to be on it as well. The only problem is, they're far more amenable to Saddam Hussein than they ever were to Peterson or Stewart. I haven't seen this type of fawning coverage of a mass murderer since Andrea Yates drowned her own children in a bathtub.

[...] Here sits a man that is probably the last on earth who deserves any hearing whatsoever, fair or not. Here is a democratically elected government trying him in a court of law, even though he doesn't deserve it, and yet in the AP's eyes, if they don't dot every i, and cross every t, then poor Saddam is going to be abused.

Read it, mofo.

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