October 23, 2005

Colombia, US shut down huge drug trafficking operation

Colombia, U.S. Dismantle Drug Operation.

BOGOTA, Colombia - Colombian and U.S. authorities shut down a drug trafficking and money laundering operation that exported about $1 million worth of cocaine every week to the United States, Europe and Asia, authorities said Saturday.

Ten members of the ring were arrested Friday during raids in Bogota and several cities on the Caribbean coast with cooperation from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Gen. Jorge Alirio Baron, Colombia's anti-narcotics police chief.

Baron told reporters the traffickers used mainly human carriers and container shipments to export the drugs and had a complex network of bank accounts and fake businesses in several countries to launder drug money. He said $22,000 in cash, Global Positioning System units and two dozen cell phones were seized during the raids.

Don't expect these guys to see this as a victory, let alone report the story.

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