October 25, 2005

Iraq vs. the Online Polling Game

Let the Vietnamization of Iraq begin continue: Majority of Americans now feel Iraq war was wrong: poll.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - For the first time, a majority of Americans believe the Iraq war was the "wrong thing to do", according to a poll published in The Wall Street Journal.

Fifty-three percent of those asked in the Harris Interactive survey felt that "taking military action against Iraq was the... wrong thing to do", against 34 percent who thought it was correct, the newspaper said.

The percentage of people opposing the US-led invasion of the country in March 2003 was up from a figure of 49 percent in a parallel poll in September, rising above 50 percent for the first time since the surveys began.

A year before, in September 2004, both sides were even at 43 percent.

The latest poll also found that 66 percent of Americans believed President George W. Bush was doing a "poor" or "only fair" job of handling Iraq, against 32 percent who deemed it "excellent" or "pretty good".

With the number of US military fatalities in Iraq approaching 2,000, 44 percent of those polled said the situation for US troops in Iraq was getting worse, compared to 19 percent who thought it was improving.

Sixty-one percent were not confident US policies in Iraq would succeed, two points higher than in September.

The poll asked the opinions of 1,833 people online from October 11-17.

Nothing like a bunch of bunk statistical garbage to further demoralize our troops in harm's way. Not to mention that online polls are notoriously shoddy and can be manipulated to no end by repeat voters. The Kos-kidz do it all the time---knowing this crap gets published.

Posted by Kyer at October 25, 2005 12:22 PM | TrackBack

A sample size of 1,833...Considering there are how many people in the US?!? Maybe the people who set up that survey (and the reporters) need to take my BUAD302 - Marketing research class. Everyone knows that a sample size under 2000 is not reflective of the entire population which as of July 2005 was estimated by the CIA to be 295,973,134 people.

Statistical reporting ignorance...that's what this is!!

Posted by: Ashley at October 25, 2005 03:10 PM