November 01, 2005

Kashmiri children go from quake victims to sex victims

Quake kids sold to sex trade.

SIX-YEAR-OLD Aisha loves the clothes her new guardian has bought for her, what she doesn't realise is this woman just bought her for $1500 and intends to make her into a prostitute. Other children in the area are being bought up by pimps who will pay twice that.

The woman, who claims she is a distant relative who bought the girl from her grandmother, says the girl's virginity could rake in as much as $4700 once she reaches puberty and if the girl won't work for her she will sell her to a pimp.

According to welfare agencies many orphans are being targeted by gangs who want to turn them into beggars or prostitutes. The govt. of Pakistan is so concerned it has placed armed guards at hospitals and placed a ban on adoptions.

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