November 01, 2005

Sex Slaves in the EU: A brief primer

Tackling the sordid trade in EU sex slaves (reg. req'd --- use

PERHAPS the single most frightening fact about human trafficking and illegal immigration is that nobody knows the precise scale of the problem.

Given the criminal nature of the organised gangs who try and profit through humans, it's only when police launch raids or people die, that any figures come to light.

The kind of rough guesstimates available are incredible - suggesting that over half a million people every year are trafficked into Europe. Another half a million are moved around the world.

The majority are women or girls, who will be sold onto brothels for sexual exploitation, claims UN research.

A separate report by the International Organisation for Migration warns that trafficking is now at alarming levels, especially from South-East Europe.

It warns that police are finding it even harder to track down the routes and even the methods, like arranged marriages and postal brides, which are used to hide the true intent.

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