November 01, 2005

Pope Benedict calls out the evil of human trafficking

Prostitution: Pope, Slave Traders Are Back.

(AGI) - Vatican City, Oct. 28 - Benedict XVI has pointed his finger at human trafficking, and above all that of women, who go to somewhere they
can improve their lives, or just survive.

The Pope gave a very tough message on the World Day of Migration, saying that the great poverty in the countries of origin make it easy for the trafficker to offer his services to the victims, young women who often have no idea of what they are facing - exploitation as slaves and in the sex industry.

He called for a rescue programme.

Benedict devoted almost all of his first message on the subject of migrations to the plight of immigrants, which he called "a sign of the times". He said that in the past it was normally men who emigrated, but nowadays there are more and more women doing so and it is not infrequent that they become the prime source of income for their family. They often work in low waged industries. If men are vulnerable, women are even more so, working as home helps, looking after old people and sick people, and working in hospitals.

The Pope called for Christians to work for the just treatment of immigrants, for respect for their femininity and for the recognition of equal rights.

Many thanks to Pope Benedict for bringing much needed attention to this evil reality.

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