November 19, 2005

"Nobody Listened"

2 year old Kelsey Briggs died right before her daddy came home from Iraq.

Briggs died at two years and nine months, and the report analyzes the last nine months. It started Jan. 10 when a physician reported that bruises on the girl were not accidental and were the result of abuse.

It continued on Jan. 17 when the Department of Human Services was contacted and was informed of bruises on the girl's face and body and abrasions on her bottom and neck. On Feb. 3, the report indicated that the mother admitted to spanking Kelsey on her diaper and her hand but denied having seen the reported bruises. On Feb. 23, the Lincoln County district attorney filed court documents saying Briggs had been physically abused.

Eventually, Briggs' legs were both in casts -- caused by intentional breaks, according to doctors.

This pattern of reporting and ruling continued through October, when Kelsey eventually died -- the cause of blunt trauma to the stomach, according to the Oklahoma medical examiner.

H/T: Eric, who not only has video, but says what I cannot say.

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