December 15, 2005

Dozens of fetuses found in Romanian ravine

What the hell is going on over there???

Dozens of foetuses found in ravine in Romania.

Police in northeast Romania have found dozens of foetuses abandoned in a ravine, Mediafax news agency reported. "The foetuses seem to have been conserved in formaldehyde since they do not smell like cadavers," police official Georgel Grumeza from the town of Iasi said Thursday.

The foetuses were found near the village of Gropnita.

Fragments of human skulls were also found in the same place.

The macabre discovery was made by a shepherd who said he had seen "cadavers of babies on the ground while others were stuffed in a plastic bag."

Investigators said the foetuses were from 10-40 centimetres (four to 16 inches) long and "seemed to have come from a research laboratory."

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