December 30, 2005

God's view of embryos?

I love it. God sees embryos as full and complete humans - Pope.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - God sees embryos as "full and complete" humans, Pope Benedict said on Wednesday in an address that firmly underlined the Roman Catholic Church's stance against abortion and scientific research on embryos.

"The loving eyes of God look on the human being, considered full and complete at its beginning," Benedict said in his weekly address to the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square.

Quoting Psalm 139, Benedict said the Bible teaches that God already recognises the embryo as a complete human. That view is the basis for the Church teaching that aborting or manipulating these embryos amounts to murder.

In Psalm 139, the psalmist says to God: "Thou didst see my limbs unformed in the womb, and in thy book they are all recorded."

"It is extremely powerful, the idea in this psalm, that in this 'unformed' embryo God already sees the whole future," Benedict said.

"In the Lord's book of life, the days that this creature will live and will fill with works during his time on earth are already written."

[...] The Pontiff also raised the theme in his Christmas Eve mass on Saturday, saying the love of God shines on each child, "even on those still unborn".

Many Pro-Life advocates have cited Scripture before --- but whether you're Catholic or not, when the Pope states such a position based on the Word --- it has more weight with some people and thus garners a bit more attention.

Now I challenge all you cafeteria-Christians out there who think they are free to "pick-and-choose" what they do and do not believe in when it's right there for you in print to refute this.

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