January 07, 2006

When both "sides" just get it all sorts of wrong.

When you filter through all the f-bombs and taking-the-Lord's-name-in-vains, Eric (VAM) has a really good point: Leper Messiah.

I did [a] post at home the other day on a story that I had heard a couple of times on the top of hour news on the radio that day. I did a Google News search that night and found three links to the story.

Three. Three references to the story of a woman who discarded a newborn baby in a [expletive] dumpster. Since then, it’s grown to 164.

But Pat Robertson is running at 569.

[...] But a helpless baby stuffed in a garbage bag and taken to a dump, I guess these days, that’s just plain routine.

[...] I lay all this at the lowering of shame in this country. People used to get outraged over real shameful acts. Unwanted babies birthed in secret used to be left on the steps of churches and it was accepted as the proper thing to do. Now states have to pass laws practically begging people to not place their unwanted babies in the garbage, but to leave them at a hospital.

In summary: the Christian right is getting all bent out of shape over a blasphemously stupid television show that probably won't make it past sweeps while the Left is going bananas over anything Pat Robertson says with a fine tooth comb ---- all the while both "sides" are not looking at something as tragic and just plain awful as the abandonment of an innocent child in a filthy dumpster.

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That post is going to cost me a nice trip around the Rosary.

But Beth did ask me for a rant, and I did have one brewing.

I'm going to edit out the "C on a crutch" line though. I first saw that in the book about WWII Marines called "Battle Cry," by Leon Uris.

Nobody curses like a Marine. Not even a sailor.

Posted by: Vinnie at January 9, 2006 01:24 AM