January 20, 2006

US vs. Iran: Are We Willing...?

Stanley Kurtz (NRO Corner) raises an interesting question in his response to (Charles) Krauthammer's WaPo piece: IRAN OPTIONS.

After 9/11, some criticized the president for not asking civilians to sacrifice. Well, this is the moment of testing. The most effective Iranian retaliation to a military strike would not be military. It would be what Krauthammer describes: oil shock and a significant blow to the world’s economy. So the question is, are we willing to sacrifice economically for the sake of keeping the bomb out of the hands of Iran and its terrorist allies? If not, I fear America’s cities will someday pay a far higher price.
I often wonder if we as Americans are still aptly prepared to "bear any burden...pay any price..."

H/T: Dave (GR) @ Ace's.

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