January 23, 2006

S. Dakota considers outlawing abortion

SD Legislature To Consider Abortion Ban.

In the next six weeks, South Dakota lawmakers will decide whether to make abortion a crime.

A bill that would ban abortion in the state will be introduced within the next two days.

The bill will be called the Woman's Health and Life Protection Act. It will ban abortion, but won't prosecute a doctor who performs one to save a woman's life.

And the lawmaker who's introducing the bill says he thinks now is the right time to try and over-turn Roe vs Wade.

Rep. Roger Hunt says, "Abortion should be banned."

Those four words will likely lead to many others in the South Dakota House and Senate as lawmakers will decide whether to criminalize abortion in the state. The bill's supporters are using findings from a controversial abortion task force report recently given to the legislature.

Hunt says, "DNA testing now can establish the unborn child has a separate and distinct personality from the mother. We know a lot more about post-abortion harm to the mother."

Let's hope the rest of the Union will follow suit if S. Dakota passes this legislation.

Posted by Kyer at January 23, 2006 12:55 PM | TrackBack

Yes, let's. I'm glad to see States willing to confront this issue, but I doubt that the courts will ever let favorable election results stand, constitutionally. And, that's too bad.
Great post. I hadn't heard about this.

Posted by: Stevin at January 24, 2006 08:37 PM