February 07, 2006

A most excellent marketing tactic...

Memorize Bible Verse, Get Free Drink At Alabama Store.

Owner Says He Gives Away Up To 12 Drinks Per Week

SNEAD, Ala. -- Dale Lanier has found a way to get people to read and memorize Bible verses.

If they walk into his convenience store in Snead, Ala., and recite the Bible passage he's selected, they can have a free soft drink or cup of coffee.

This month's memory verse is Psalm 118:8, which reads: "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."

Lanier said he's been doing this for the last six years, and gives away between two and 12 drinks a day. He said entire families sometimes walk in and recite the Bible passage he has picked.

Very cool. :)

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