March 20, 2006

3 Years On...

Dedicated to all of our men and women in uniform and their families (and yes, our Coalition friends, too) defending the cause of freedom in Iraq.

3 Years On (A Semi-Rhyming Laundry List of Gratitude)

3 years on,'re still my heroes. make me believe in the character of America. help me sleep more soundly at night.

3 years on,
...with each sacrifice, we share in your loved ones' pain.
...many lives have been lost, but not in vain.

3 years on,
...I am confident you will do whatever it takes.
...the main-stream media can't cut you a break.

3 years on, are continuing to make our country proud.
...millions of people are no longer without a voice.
...despite what the naysayers say, you have accomplished so very much.

3 years on, matter how long the fight, we will always love and support you.
...we will continue to defend your honor and your good name.

3 years on,
...we will never cease in our prayers for you.
...I still wish I had the courage to defend our nation as you do.
...I still "thank my God every time I remember you."

P.S. To our forces engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom, the same most definitely applies to you, too.

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