March 24, 2006

"Latino Community" spit on the dignity of US laws

Latino Community Protests With "Day For Latino Dignity"

[...] Immigrant communities encouraged a work stoppage to protest a bill passed by the Georgia House yesterday that allows sweeping changes to the state's immigration policies. Some estimate that as many as 800,000 would take part in the protest.

The bill, which must still be approved by the state Senate before going to Governor Perdue, would deny state services to adults living in the U.S. illegally and impose a five percent surcharge on wire transfers from illegals.

Supporters say the plan is a vital homeland security measure that frees up limited state service for Georgia residents who are legally entitled to them. Opponents say it unfairly targets workers who are merely responding to the demands of some of the state's largest industries. [...]

What? You think you're going to bring down our economy by not making our hotel beds or cleaning our toilets for a day?

And stop with this absolute bullcrap liberal talking point excuse that illegals are "merely responding to the demands of the [sic] industries." That's just a way to ignore admitting that no matter how valued their labor is, they are STILL BREAKING THE LAW!

Who do you pays for all of those public resources you are draining??? Yes, all of those HOSPITALS and SCHOOLS are payed for by US! The TAXPAYERS! Not illegals who wire most of their paychecks over the border without paying taxes on them!

You want to talk about dignity? Stop spitting on the dignity of the laws of the very country that supports your families back home in whatever failed Latin America economy you hail from.


(Yes, I know this post is unusually vitriolic, but every once in a while, an article as flamingly off-the-wall as this just gets me going. Besides, who needs to present statistics when the only fact you need is the existence of the LAW?)

***We now return to mild-mannered me.***

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