April 27, 2006

Not what we mean when we say "The Most High"...

Woman Charged With Sending Cocaine-filled Bibles To Inmate:

Authorities in Indiana say they found cocaine hidden in the spines of two Bibles that a woman allegedly bought and tried to send to her husband in jail.

Anthony Duckworth, who's been in the Huntington County jail for months, and his wife, Amy, have been charged with two counts of trafficking with an inmate.

The cocaine was found in the Bibles last month.

Bar-code stickers led authorities to a Wal-Mart, where they found one Bible had been bought with cash and the other with a credit card.

Police say the receipt was signed by Amy Duckworth and a surveillance video showed her making the purchase.

She later admitted buying the Bibles but said someone else supplied the cocaine and that she enlisted two other people to deliver them to the jail, where her husband planned to sell the drugs.

Stevin said it best, "Is it just me, or is there a missing Tarantino movie here?"

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