May 03, 2006

United93: "The Best of Us"

Stumbled onto a website called that posts snippits of reviews from major news outlets across the country.

I read through a dozen or so of them... some were a bit wordy, others cut to the chase.

Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) finished his review with what I believe is one of the best things you could say about the reality of the film:

This is the best of us.
Further down the page they posted a few reader reviews... all 10's except for the one (expected) comment left by what must have been one of Kos' dungeon dwellers,
John B. gave it a 2:
Way overrated! Dramatic and well directed, but, honestly, there was nothing new or worthwhile here for anyone who knows what happened (which is everyone) on Flight 93 on 9/11. The acting was good, except for the air traffic controller who played himself. I've seen better acting in my kids school play. Enough is enough on 9/11. Let's get on with life.

Now go play in traffic.

Chad S., who gave it a "10" had an interesting observation and final remark...

The highlight of "United 93" is when events are at an obvious impasse and both sides engage in duelin' prayers. [I noticed that too, I found it very interesting... --ed.]

Personally, I felt a little less ultra-liberal walking out of the theater.

Maybe there is still hope.

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