May 06, 2006

Black Hawk Down: .... Basra?

Eerily similar, dare I say, to what happened to our boys over 12 years ago: Iraqis Cheer 'Copter Crash.

Updated: 21:03, Saturday May 06, 2006

At least four British servicemen are feared dead after a helicopter crashed in the Iraqi city of Basra, sparking violent clashes between locals and troops.

A policeman at the scene claimed the aircraft had been shot down and that four bodies were seen in the wreckage.

There are fears the eventual death toll could be higher.

Hundreds of Iraqis swarmed to the crash scene waving their arms and grinning in apparent jubilation.

Their reaction prompted clashes with British troops attempting to seal off the area.

Soldiers faced gunshots, petrol and blast bombs and a hail of stones.

[...] There were cries of "we are all soldiers of al-Sayed", a reference to the radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

I shuddered when I read the headline... the rest of the article didn't do much for me either.

Notice how the headline says "Iraqis"... yet it is not mentioned until the very bottom that this was the work of al-Sadr's men?

Almost as if the author of this story wanted to produce the notion average Joe-Iraqi celebrated the crash...


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