May 18, 2006

Robertson: Modern prophecy #2,398


Robertson: God Says Tsunami Possible For U.S.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- The Rev. Pat Robertson says God has told him that storms and possibly a tsunami will hit America's coastline this year.

The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network has told viewers of "The 700 Club" that the revelations came to him during his annual personal prayer retreat in January.

"If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms," Robertson said May 8.

He added specifics in Wednesday's show.

"There well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest," he said.

"IF I heard the Lord right..." Nice save.

This guy seriously needs to quit licking toads because he give the rest of us SANE Christians a bad name.

I hope not a blessed thing happens so he'll stop opening his mouth thinking he has the Red Telephone to God.

Posted by Kyer at May 18, 2006 06:34 AM | TrackBack

Your absolutely right about Pat Robertson giving "normal" Christians a bad name. It's repulsive, and not exactly a great witness to non-believers. He has said some pretty dumb stuff as of late, and it sometimes appears as if he feeds on the publicity as much as certain Hollywood actors.

Posted by: Jen at May 22, 2006 06:59 PM

You're a sane Christian?

Who'da thunk it?

Posted by: Vinnie at May 24, 2006 07:44 PM