June 26, 2006

Tony tells 'em, Rep. King uses a word that rhymes with "reason"

Tony Snow on Al-Qaeda Intel Depot the New York Slimes (man, I can't seem to type their name correctly today...) and their loose lips:

'The New York Times and other news organizations ought to think long and hard about whether a public's right to know in some cases might override somebody's right to live.'
Well said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Peter King isn't afraid to use the dreaded "T" word:

King, R-N.Y., said he would write Attorney General Alberto Gonzales urging that the nation's chief law enforcer "begin an investigation and prosecution of The New York Times _ the reporters, the editors and the publisher."

"We're at war, and for the Times to release information about secret operations and methods is treasonous," King told The Associated Press.

c/p@Vince Aut Morire

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