June 29, 2006

Uncle Jimbo's solution to flag burning...

Uncle Jimbo has got something to say to all those politicians '06ing for a federal flag burning ban: Flag Burning can be fun for everyone

[...] [C]ut the electioneering BS and do something useful like securing our borders, or cutting spending, or abolishing the Dept. of Education.

Hey while you clowns are itching to do something, why don't you just decriminalize beating the crap out of flag burners? I mean everybody wins there, the hippies get to show the depths of their disgust for Amerikkka, the rest of us get to lay down some serious beatdowns, and the media gets an excellent, video-friendly story. I told you I was a uniter, and a decider.

Someone raised the issue with me today and suggested that it is O.K. for dissenters 1st-Amendment-exercisers to burn American flags so long as they are wrapped up in them first.


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