July 03, 2006

Pope refuses to pick fav. in Italy-Germany contest

C'mon Mr. Ratzinger, this is no time to sit on the fence! :)

Pope impartial over Germany-Italy semifinal:

VATICAN CITY (AP) - The papal apartment lights were on late when Germany beat Argentina last week. Will they be on late again when Germany plays Italy on Tuesday for a spot in the World Cup final?

The German-born Pope Benedict XVI told organizing committee head Franz Beckenbauer at the Vatican in October that he would watch "the most important games" and asked about the German team.

However, during the Germany-Italy semifinal in Dortmund, Germany, the pontiff's allegiance will be split between the two countries, Benedict's personal secretary was quoted as saying by Italian newspapers.

Monsignor Georg Ganswein said that "the pope is always impartial" and that his heart "will beat both for Germany and Italy," according to Gazzetta dello Sport and other Sunday dailies.

That's almost as bad as a girlfriend refusing to pick between two football teams because they both have pretty uniforms.


In all seriousness though, what a tough spot to be in! Rooting for YOUR home team, or your "new" home team?

Kinda reminds me how when my grandpa moved from New York state to south Jersey, he started pulling for the Phillies AND the Yanks.

Looking back I don't understand how the universe didn't split.

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